What to do in Quebec City in June!

As the scent of springs lilacs subsides on rue d’Auteuil in Old Quebec, signs of summer are beginning to show themselves as the warmer and dryer summer air blows in over the Saint Lawrence River.  For me, one of my favourite things to do, is to go for an evening stroll on the Plaines of Abraham and stop at the Edwin Bélanger Kioske for an evening of free and wonderful outdoor music.   All of the historic sites and museums are open for residents and tourist alike, along with the great festivals that add to Quebec City’s allure.

This June, the season is ushered in with the Comédie Ha! Festival.  Most of the stand up comics perform in French, but there are some fantastic English comics as well.  Reasonably priced and starting at just 66$, you can have access to numerous shows beginning daily from June 7th to June 18th.  One of the numerous sites is located just across the street from the Hotel Manoir d’Auteuil at the Esplanade Park along with some exciting culinary treats including Panache on wheels where you can try some amazing poutine.

Just one week later, we celebrate Saint Jean Baptiste Day on the Plaines of Abraham which is a 5 minute walk from the Manoir.  The festivities abound both through the night of June 23rd and then with family fun on the 24th.  Celebrate with live concerts on the park followed by a grand show of fireworks at 11 pm on the 23rd.  Given that this year is also Canada’s 150th, even the Federal government is contributing to the festivities, so the 2017 celebration promises to be a memorable one.  Even better, all of the festivities are free!  For more information on the timeline of June events, go to:

June 17th – Tour de Beauce, étape Québec (Bicycle Race)


June 7-18 – ComediHa! Fest! (Comedy Festival)

June 16, 17 & 18 Faubourg Saint-Jean en fête (Street Party)

June 23 and 24 – Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

June 24 – Bel air de fête (Family Fun Festival)

July 1 – Canada Day  www.feteducanadaquebec.com

July 6th – 16th – Festival d’été de Québec (Summer Music Festival)

Feel free to stop by the front desk at the Manoir d’Auteuil for more information on some extraordinary sites to see during your visit in Quebec City.


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