Winter Fun in Quebec City!

0114 Avenue Saint-Denis

For those of us who love winter sports and activities, Old Quebec is definitely the place to be.  As global warming has certainly had an impact on our winters, we still get the snow.  With the more moderate winters, as far as temperature is concerned, I must say we have the perfect winter weather!

I realize that for those planning a ski getaway, they usually look to stay in a condo at the base of the mountain.  I think most skiers may want to reconsider that when travelling to Stoneham or Mount Saint Anne.  With Stoneham just a 20 minute drive from the Old City, and Mount Sainte-Anne, about a 40 minute drive, Québec City offers the perfect place to stay for ski trips.  This historic gem offers all of the evening fine dining, several theaters, as well as the bars with live music that we just don’t find at the mountain.  The Plaines of Abraham are transformed into a beautiful course for cross country skiing, with no fees attached.  You can even rent the skis and snow shoes from the tourist bureau.

0111_Raquette_Snowshoeing_SdoP1GcnuQdTVu-KT0W3_qu18q0ABlZBh (1).jpg


At Place d’Youville, you can rent skates and romance under the starlit night as you skate hand in hand.  For you hockey fans, pack your skates and sticks, and play a game of pick up hockey just across the street from the hotel at the outdoor rink in Esplanade Park.

0155 Patinage_Ice skating

For those travelling with families and children, pack a sled.  The Plaines of Abraham is the perfect spot for sledding!  Your kids will love you!  Take it a step further, and spend one day at Village Vacance Valcartier.  The whole family will love tubing down the hill on their downhill courses and rides.

0115 Fortifications

Quebec City, is truly a perfect winter destination!  Visitors can easily pack in a full week of winter fun!

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