Dog Sledding in Quebec!

Yes, it is cold here in Quebec, but because of that cold, Quebec really is a winter wonderland.  Activities abound in Quebec, primarily due to our beautiful and abundant snow! One of the most amazing activities to do with friends or family while visiting Quebec City, is to go dogsledding.  Of course you will want to visit the Chutes of Montmorency, which is just a 10 minute drive from Old Quebec. (The frozen falls are an incredible site to see in the winter!)  I encourage you to continue just 10 more minutes to the Isle d’Orleans where you can spend the rest of you afternoon dog sledding… absolute winter must!  I visited Le P’tit Bonheur et Expédition Mi-Loup for my day of four legged fun!IMG_0133

In the heart of the Île d’Orléans, I got to lead my pack of six dogs, mushing from my sled for about an hour, surrounded by trees and the fresh winter air blowing off the river!  What an absolutely amazing day!  The guides are wonderful, and took us through the fields and in the woods.  After the ride, visiting the kennels and discovering just how the dogs are raised is quite interesting.  I realize some winter warriors are even more thrill seekers than myself, so for those of you looking for speed, they also offer snowmobile tours.  For the more sedate, you also have the opportunity to go ice fishingIMG_0153IMG_0147






A one hour sleigh ride costs $ 65 per person, and if you want to perform the three activities, (dog sledding, snow mobiling and ice fishing) all in the same day, it will cost $ 120 per person.

For more details, please check out their website 

I have had many clients dog sled at Mont Sainte-Anne as well, all coming back to the Manoir with raving reviews.  Here is their site as well!

Either way, at the end of your day of adventure, it is really just a short drive back into Old Quebec.  Once back home, you can top off your day indulging in a dinner at one of the extraordinay restaurants lining the streets of Old Quebec.

Bonne expedition à tous !

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