Quebec City Summer Music Festival 2016

Quebec City Summer Music Festival

July 7-17, 2016


Scene Bell Plains of Abraham, photo by Andrea Olivier Lyra

Every year’s summer music festival in Quebec City seems to be a first for me.  Perhaps it is because we have been going to the festival annually since 2000, with our then little ones in tow.  In the beginning, we spent most of our days at the family site, with family skits, arts and crafts.  The kids full of smiles, never wanting to go home.  Each year, the museum set up a tent for a special wearable craft and of course, the animated face painting booth close by, which was always a favorite.  We went day after day, each day discovering something new musically, and then going back to get their faces painted yet once again.


Place de la Famille, photo by Sébastien Dion

Today, they are young adults and teenagers.  Now, it is there turn to invite mom and dad into their world of music, as we in turn share ours.  Last year’s biggest show was the Rolling Stones in concert, and we all proudly wear our commemorative t-shirts today.  This is the only concert where I have ever subjected myself to a long days wait in line.  We started early in the morning, knowing the site could end up closed if too many concert goers arrived.  We brought snacks and played Farkle until 4 pm.  Once the gates opened, I was pushed out of the way as hard core fans shoved past me in hopes of getting one of those coveted close up spots or to the SAQ tent for a great view.  Being 10 years their junior, I was able to recover and sprint past those men who shoved me, sporting my oversized grin as I passed them by.  It took me about a half hour, however, to recover from the mild asthma attack that ensued, but in the end our great spot shared with friends and family was worth the effort!

Throughout the years, my kids have introduced me to LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and more.  We in turn have introduced them to some greats such as The Black Keys, Billy Joel, Aerosmith and Brian Adams.  And then of course, are the less well know artists that tend to play the smaller venues, coming from all over the world including Latin America, Europe and Africa.  Folk, jazz, blues, techno……no matter.  You will find a treasure trove of  live music throughout the festival.  What a bargain!  Eleven days of music, one fee for unlimited access.  If you have not yet reserved your passes, we still do have some rooms at the Manoir d’Auteuil available and we offer packages including your passes.  Click here to see this year’s calendar of concerts, with Brandi Carlile, Sting and Peter Gabriel kicking off the Festival!

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