Quebec City’s Carnival 2015- 31st January to 16 February Quebec City will be in full carnival mode!

Trumpets everywhere, kids running around, laughter in the air, runny noses… That’s the definition of the Quebec City’s notorious carnival. bonhomme de neige

There are activities left and right for all the family, so much that you won’t know what to do first! Lucky you, I happen to be a local, living in the heart of Old Quebec.  I can point out to you some of the most liberating and fun activities hidden among the crowds. Since there is so much to do, I’ll go by categories: Slides!

One of my favorite slides is usually at the entrance of the Carnaval site- two long slides made entirely of ice. Why are these slides so special? It’s design so you can race each other. And let me tell you, you can get carried away… After all, I am probably the only person out here that can honestly confess, I am a sore loser.

Du plaisir en "tubes"!

Du plaisir en “tubes”!

Another slide that is fun, for the young and the forever young, are the snow slides, located in the heart of the Plaines of Abraham. You can easily spot them for they are big. You just have to grab a tube for one or two at the bottom of the hill, climb the hill (yeah sorry, it’s part of the deal), and once you are on top of the hill, there are helpful volunteers that will assist you. And here is the fun part, you get to tell these wonderful people how you want to slide down. Slow? Fast? Spinning? Backward? It’s a blast. I’m 16 years old and I still get a rush from it.DSC_1330

And finally for the daring! This is THE slide for the pros. No seriously, I’m not kidding. It is located further up on the hills, so you might not see it at first. Unlike the other slides, this one you get into a tube for 8 people. Big tube, huge-ass slide. It is actually my favorite and I love it every time I go on it. There is just one slight inconvenience, they charge you for that ride. You are probably thinking  “Wow, that blows”. Well I’ll let you in on a secret, if you don’t want to pay, wait for the carnival to end and bring your own sled. All the locals do it. Tip: don’t forget to close your mouth.


That’s it for the slides, but I will come back to you with other super fun activities!

Gayle Cross

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