Huge Pillow Fight in Quebec City coming soon!

Did you know that there is an international day for pillow fighting?! And yes, this hilarious and bizarre activity takes place in cities around the world.  2013 is its sixth edition and Quebec City has been participating for 5 years.

This year’s meeting will take place Saturday, April 6, at 15h, Place D’Youville.oreiller

If you want to try, here are some rules:

– Arrive at the scene of the battle just minutes before the start.
– Hide your pillow.
– Pillows without feathers, soft and sweet only!
– Wait for the signal to begin the battle.
– Tap lightly … this is a battle friendly!
– Do not hit people without pillows or with cameras or with glasses please.
– The organizers will signal when the battle ends.
– Clean up your mess and leave with your pillow (or what’s left …).

For customers of the Manoir, although you can not participate with the pillows from our rooms – they are way too fluffy and downy!  – I suggest you check it out as spectators, or for those of you who are a bit daring, pack a pillow in your suitcase and bring it with you.  It promises to be a funny event!

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