Enjoy the Holiday Storytelling in St-Roch!

Since we must leave the comfort of our rooms to explore Québec, here’s a suggestion that might amuse you when you walk in the St-Roch neighborhood:  you can participate in an interactive story, and you get to be the hero.  This is great fun with kids.  Open your ears, listen carefully and let yourself be charmed by the colorful storytelling of storyteller Arleen Thibault.  As you focus on the façade of the historic church, enjoy the images of cartoonist Francis Desharnais as he illustrates the story, live, on the façade of the Church of St. Roch.

conteSpectators influence the outcome of the story, as they make choices of routes and adventures throughout the narrative.

This activity is part of the programming QuébecAdabra, which takes place from December 20 to January 2, every evening starting at 6pm.

Credits: Design Project White

Suggestions for other activities during the event QuébecAdabra! Visit to http://www.quebecadabra.com

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