Lfmao electrifies the Quebec City Summer Music Festival

When my teenage daughter saw that Lfmao was playing on Friday night on the Plaines of Abraham, she and her little sister begged me to take them to the concert.  I was not familiar with the band per say, although I have heard many of their popular songs on the radio.  What a blast!  Knock out entertainment.  Redfooknows how to entertain and keep the audience dancing, laughing and screaming.  This was one of the funnest concerts I’ve been to.

Redfoo costume fun! Look at that Afro!

Family Lfmao Fun.

I also have not seen such a multigenerational audience in a concert before.  Grandparents,  moms and dads, teenagers, young adults and kids of all ages donned their Lfmao gear.  Florescent coloured clothing, big afros and oversized plastic eyewear seemed to be the mode of the evening.  The people watching was just about as entertaining as the concert.

Lfmao stepped aside for a while and let the Quest Crew dance troupe amaze the audience with their impressive moves.  They danced and entertained throughout the concert, but their solo performance was outstanding.  All in all, a great evening in Quebec City at the 2012 Summer Music Festival.  There are still 8 days remaining!

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