Cirque du Soleil – Les Chemins Invisibles : a free show for all!

Last night I went to see the Chemins Invisibles, the free show created by Cirque du Soleil, presented under the ramps of the Dufferin highway in Quebec City.  For this fourth version, the developers decided to explore the theme of the virtual world. The show, which sometimes seem straight out of the 80’s style dress because of its protagonists, features a young 11 year old boy who brings the audience on a journey into the heart of his imagination. Crazy and colourful costumes, a soundtrack reminiscent of early computer games, sometimes clownish characters, sometimes drawn from the world of superheros … and more in this fourth chapter entitled Invisible Paths, Frontier Pixel.

I found the introduction a little too long perhaps, but it should also be noted that, as was the general, there were not many people. Between the doors opening and the show starting at 21:30, you have a half an hour to cover, in which characters with a head made of cubic mirrors are walking through the crowd and play with the audience.

However, once the show starts, the 38 artists gathered on stage do not fail us! There were, among others, a trapeze artist, who was breathtaking.  Throughout the number, I stood there, arms dangling, his mouth open as the two artists were so beautiful to look at … and most impressive! The two acrobats were costumed and masked the same way, so that it was like seeing double. It was very successful. The costumes were really beautiful. Original.

I was really surprised when I realized that the singer who accompanied almost every issue was none other than the talented Beatrice (Betty) Bonifassi, known mainly through Beast, the musical that she and her sidekick John -Phi Goncalves have performed a little over four years. With her powerful voice, she seduced the crowd and added a good dose of intensity to the show.

My favorite number was that of a contortionist who performed an extraordinary handstand number. All smiles, she performed her number with so much agility, and ease, that the viewer was doubly stunned to see her move her body into such improbable positions. Back braced, one leg in the air and the other tightly against her head, she stood with one hand on a horizontal beam, which, while pivoting on itself, was doing laps in the artist . It was beautiful.

Go see this show because it’s worth it! The first will take place tonight, and there will be a performance every night except Monday and Sunday night until the end of the summer! It’s not every day you get a chance to attend free of charge to a Cirque du Soleil then, do not miss it!

Frontier of pixels, from June 23 to July 31, 21:30, and 1 to September 1, 21hrs, under the ramps of Highway Duferrin, 10 minutes from Old Quebec.

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