St.Jean.Baptiste district in Quebec City

When new clients come to the Manoir and ask me about the beautiful things there are to visit in the area, I send them to take a stroll around the streets of Old Quebec, see the Chateau Frontenac, the St. Lawrence River, The Petit Champlain … these are the essential tourist attractions in Quebec City, any guide will confirm this. But what I also enjoy doing is sending our visitors out of the fortifications and into the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district. Less touristy, there are many small treasures!

With its bakeries, its roasting of coffee, its specialty stores, and its many neighborhood bars, Saint-Jean Street in Quebec is a pillar for anyone living there. Not to mention the many hair salons and boutiques, jewelry and shoe stores that make the street a must-see for shoppers. Visitors will be charmed by the local aspect of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and will immediately feel like they are part of its inhabitants.

Here are some places you can not miss on your next visit to Quebec:


Panetier Baluchon 764 rue St-Jean, Quebec (418) 522-3022

Le Paingrüel 375 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 522-7246

Coffee roaster:

Brûlerie de Café de Québec 575, rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 529-4769

Brûlerie Saint-Jean 881 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 614-3359

Neighborhood bars:

Le Sacrilège 447 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R 1P5 (418) 649-1985

La Ninkasi 811, rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 529-8538

Pub Nelligans 789 Côte Sainte-Genevieve, Quebec (418) 704-7817

Fou-Bar 525 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 522-1987

Specialty stores:

JA Moisan grocery store 699 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 522-0685

CRAC healthy food 690 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 647-6881

Épicerie Européenne Inc. 560 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec (418) 529-4847


Coifferie Aquarium 756, rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 649-8394

Jumbo Jumbo 165 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 525-8626


Jupon pressé 790 rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 704-7114

Seraphin 738 rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 522-2533

Schü’z 748 rue Saint-Jean, Québec (418) 523-4560

Rose Bouton 387 rue Saint-Jean, Quebec (418) 614-9507

It’s great to walk around the Old City and admire all the historical aspects of our old capital … but it’s also nice to make your way off the beaten track. On your next visit to Quebec, maximize your experience by visiting this beautiful area, full of discoveries!

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