We still have Quebec City Summer Festival Packages available!

Music Fans enjoying an outdoor concert at the music festival

If you have not yet reserved your summer music festival passes, sorry, you are too late!  Your only option, short of a scalper, is a hotel package.  So look at it this way, for the price of two scalped tickets, you can get your hotel stay and passes. There are still many concerts you can enjoy without the pass, so don’t let that deter you from visiting this great walled city!

On the day of their release at noon, I had two computers going, my cell phone and land line on speed dial in an effort to get one of the 150,000 treasured passes.  For three long hours I sat there, and to no avail!  Talk about frustrating.  Every time I had success in booking my passes on line, the Festival Server went on overload and threw me out of the system before I could finalize payment.  I decided to abandon my efforts and raise the white flag.  They were just too high in demand.

Later, that Saturday evening, I just happened to check on line at 8 pm.  My patience paid off and I was able to get the 4 passes for myself and my family.  An hour later, they were all sold out.  The most frustrating aspect of this, is that so many people that purchased the passes are reselling them on the likes of ebay or Craig’s list in an effort to more than double their money.

The good news is that the Hotel Manoir d’Auteuil did reserve 20 passes through the festival and is offering packages.  In an effort to avoid the resell fraud, you can only book the package through the tourism bureau.  If you call the hotel, however, and give us your information, and we will help you book the package, which includes room and passes during your stay with us.

2011 The Black Keys were awesome!

Canada’s largest outdoor music festival, and perhaps greatest outdoor music festival starts July 5, 2012.  This is Quebec City’s star of the season, and for 11 days every July, the city brings together a star-studded and eclectic assemblage of musicians from around the world:  Africa, France, Europe, the United State, Arabia, Canada, Latin America and more.  This year’s line up includes:  Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Sarah McLaughlan.  For a very reasonable fee,

Check out the audience!

the summer pass is available for purchase on line at:  infofestival.com. (But only if you are lucky enough to get through.)   All 150,000 passes sold out in one week after being released last year, and this year, in less than 12 hours!   We are still offering packages that include your summer music festival pass along with a room rental, so give us a call at 866-662-6647.  You can always visit our site at www.manoirdauteuil.com to check out the hotel, but you cannot reserve the passes through our site, you have to call or click on hotel packages for availability, not just with us, but with other hotels as well.

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