Canada Day 2012

Canada Day!  A must not miss event in Québec City!   Every July 1!

One of my favorite family days in Québec City is Canada Day.  The day starts with nothing but fun on the historic battlefields:  The Plains of Abraham.  The Canadian armed forces set up shop just shy of the Joan of Arc Gardens with tanks, helicopters and more for passerby’s to climb on and admire.   Directly on the Plains, immense inflated slides and jumping gyms litter the grass for the under 12 crowd.  At noon, every year the Royal Canadian Army parades just in front of the Manoir d’Auteuil as it marches up rue d’Auteuil to the Citadel.  What a parade!  And to top it off, the fabulous fireworks fly high above the Plains.  A perfect view from atop the famous ramparts, or maybe even your hotel room, (but frankly I would cross the street and find a seat on the fortified city wall).  This is a great family day, and all of these events are as always, free of charge.  For more information on the calendar of events, go to

You won’t be disappointed!  Hey, bring the pooch too.  This is great family activity.

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