Quebec City celebrates the Bulldogs 100 year anniversary Stanley Cup Win!

Joe and Rita Malone at the parade!

Yes, and Joe Malone still holds the record 7 goals in a single NHL game, 100 years later!  This year’s Saint-Patrick’s Day Parade and the Hotel Manoir d’Auteuil had a special guest of honor, Joe Malone, son of the infamous Hockey Hall of Famer.  At 89, Joe and his family are helping in the celebration of Quebec City’s Irish community and our fantastic hockey tradition.  100 years ago, in 1912, the Quebec City Bulldogs won the Stanley Cup with Mr. Malone’s father leading the way.  In fact, Maurice Joseph “Phantom Joe” Malone (February 28, 1890 –  May 15, 1969) was a professional ice hockey centre who played in the National Hockey Association and National Hockey League.  Phantom Joe scored the second-most career goals of any player in major hockey’s first half-century.

Parade Goer sporting 1912 Bulldogs Jersey.

If you haven’t heard, Quebec City is buzzing with hockey fever.  Yes, this is normal for those of us up north, but this year the buzz has reached an even higher decible.  Mayor Regis Labaume is campaigning ferociously in an effort to bring an NHL team back to Quebec City.  Plans to build a new colliseum are in full swing, as Quebecers hope to attract a new franchise their way.  In a city where Patrick Roy’s major junior team, the Remparts sell out regularly, I imagine the selling out of a new venue would with a professional team would be easily achieved.  And so, with all this hockey buzz, it is only fitting that the Malone Family is here, celebrating two great Quebec City traditions.  (And just to let you know, it was a real treat meeting them all over the weekend.  Joe and Rita are delightful!)

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