Le Milsa – my guess….a guy thing

Lot's of Meat

I recently had my first taste of Brazilian Fare at Le Milsa located at 560 Grande Allée Est in Quebec City.  Basically, you get all the grilled meat you can eat for $29.95 if you order the Turnstille……hence: “a guy thing”.  My review is mixed here.  I felt the value was there as far as quantity of food was concerned, and definitely appealing to many, but the flavor fell short for me.  I love mushrooms, and the mushrooms served lacked in flavor, as did the rice.  The atmosphere, I also found a little sterile.  It was a good place for conversation since not too many clients were there that night, but if the restaurant were full, my guess is that all the wood tables and chairs, along with the tile floor would make for loud echos.  I am not accustomed to the Brazilian spices and this might be part of my problem.  I will definitely give it a second try though.  Next visit, I am absolutely bringing my carnivorous husband.  No doubt, because of the all you can eat meat menu, he will love the place!

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