Musée National des Beaux Arts de Québec : a must-see in Quebec!

Last summer, when Hurricane Irene decided not to spare the city of Quebec, a friend and I decided to take refuge at the Musée National de Beaux Arts de Québec.

Treading the crowded lobby of the Museum, I immediately thought, “why is it that I don’t come more often?” The atmosphere was vibrant, inspiring! Music echoed through the hall, and the center, two dancers improvised choreography, even receiving instructions from the public! A man was walking through the crowd and randomly selecting the person who was going to dictate to the new setpoint dancers, “the next move will be extremely slow” or “the dancers are no longer allowed to touch “. Then, the dancers ran, graceful, agile. I was mesmerized.

Credits: Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

We went to pay our entrance – only $ 7 for students and $ 15 for adults. We then began our visit with the permanent exhibition on Jean-Paul Riopelle, a Quebec figure in the history of contemporary art. His work “A Tribute to Rosa Luxemburg,” dating from 1992 is an impressive mural of thirty paintings by touring the showroom. Painted after the death of his wife, it is the most famous work by Riopelle. Created mainly by spray paint, “Tribute to Rosa Luxembourg” is a work that was at that time violent and touching. A must see.

In the next room, one could admire the creations of Montreal designer Ying Gao. Different kinds of “intelligent” clothes, his creations are true works of art. You could see various pieces of clothing change shape in contact with light, motion sensors etc.. The exhibition is no longer showing, but you can still visit his various accomplishments at

We finished our visit with a special exhibition on Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. It was just beautiful. Headphones allow us to hear the different music that accompanied each ballet. Thus, we passed through the various rooms lulled by various classical music pieces, each more beautiful than the next. Authentic pieces of costumes, props, scenery sketches, photographs and audio-visual extracts made up this brilliant exhibition. I, who knew nothing of the Ballets Russes before seeing the exhibition, found it very beautiful, informative and most importantly, very affordable.

Spending the afternoon at the Musée National des Beaux Arts de Québec is a must during your next trip to Quebec! Whether you go alone, with friends or family, there will be something for everyone, with their seven permanent exhibitions – one reserved especially for children – and their two to three temporary exhibitions.

Until May, the Quebec fashion designers are featured in the exhibition Fashion and Appearance in Quebec art, 1880-1945. This is not to be missed!

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