A surreal and magical hotel in Quebec!

Crédits: Xavier Dachez http://www.xdachez.com

Crédits: Xavier Dachez http://www.xdachez.com

Last week, I visited the Ice Hotel for the first time. Only a 15 minute drive from Old Quebec, the hotel is a true work of art. Personally, I do not know if I would have the courage to spend a night there … it’s colder in the hotel than outside!

Obviously, everything has been designed so that customers do not freeze to death! Before going to bed, all must follow a short course to prepare well for the night ahead. You need to spend some time in the spa or sauna to raise body temperature.

Spending a night at the Ice Hotel is very expensive. We’re talking about around $800 for a standard room, double occupancy and about $900 for a theme suite. Some say the experience is worth the price, others do not. As I have never spent the night there, I can’t say… one thing is for sure, the hotel is beautiful and the visit worth the trip!

The hotel is open to the public from 10am to 11pm every day and the entry cost for adults is $ 17.50 to $ 13.50 during the day and evening. By paying for the tour people have access to all rooms and themed suites. The suites are each different, and each more beautiful than the next! Beautiful frescoes in the walls are carved and colored lights illuminate the ice furniture inside, giving a magical appearance in every room. The ice bar is also picturesque, with its high ceilings, beams and ice arches. Skins are placed on the frozen seats so that visitors can sit and drink from glasses carved from ice blocks. It’s really very original.

On your next visit to Quebec, do not forget to pay a visit to the Ice Hotel! But hurry, because the hotel closes its doors March 25, 2012 …!

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