A Sunday afternoon in Quebec City

Last week, rather than taking the bus to get to the hotel, I decided to walk. My house is about a 30 minutes walk to the hotel, which is very nice in the summer, but sometimes a little difficult during winter, because of stairs to climb, slippery slopes and icy sidewalks. But last Sunday, as we stepped outside, the sun’s rays were racing with the winter cold, and seemed to want to convince me to do the journey on foot.

In the cafes, people laughed, sipped a cup of latte or settled near large windows, to read or work. At Place d’Youville, the lovers were doing laps holding hands while kids were throwing snowballs at the side of the rink. On the sidewalks,  families sported their effigies as they continued on foot towards the site of the Carnival. Everywhere you could hear music, laughter and screams of fun. The white snow, cloudless blue sky and colorful snowsuits transformed the Old Quebec into a real rainbow. It was beautiful to see (and hear!).

After arriving at work, I was still very happy to feel the heat of the Manor. I was especially happy to see clients in a good mood, who, also seduced by the dream temperature, could not help telling us how pretty she is, our old Capital, buried in snow ..!

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