Siberia Spa : some heat on a cold winter day…

How beautiful it is, below zero, Old Quebec, with its sidewalks covered white, its frozen river and its lights, which shine the streets and roofs covered with snow during the cold winter evenings. But let’s be honest … there are days when we’re tired of having cold toes, red noses, and having to wear a snowsuit to the corner store!

Fortunately, during those days, there’s Siberia!

What better way to put some heat in a cold winter day than an afternoon spent in Siberia Station Spa?

Siberia Experience is based on a Scandinavian concept that alternates hot, cold and the rest to bring you to deep relaxation. This principle of thermotherapy can reduce stress, eliminate toxins, relax muscles, improve sleep quality, strengthen the immune system while reviving the body and mind.”

Upon arrival, you will be given a towel  and a bottle of water. You can also get a bathrobe for only $5, or you can bring your own, to avoid additional costs. After putting on your swimsuit, you will be invited to return to the cold of winter, then try one of their many outdoor hot tubs, a bath of eucalyptus steam, or any of their saunas (Finnish or Infrared). To assimilate the benefits of thermotherapy, you will then be invited to alternate hot and cold by having a dip in one of their cold pools, or taking a swim directly into the Yellow River (for the brave! ). Then you can go relax in one of several rest areas or where hammocks, deck chairs and cushions are all at your disposal.
This place has everything you need.

Just a 20 minutes drive from our hotel, Siberia Station Spa is a haven of peace. The decor is absolutely idyllic, especially in winter, with its stone walkways covered with snow, its numerous small wooden shacks and crystalline waterfalls.

The price is $ 37 during the day, and $ 25 in the evening.
Massage therapy services are also available and cost $ 70 for a 60 minute massage and $100 for a 90-minute massage.
Siberia Station Spa, a perfect activity for an evening with lovers, friends, or solo.

Swimsuit and sandals mandatory.

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