Travelling with your dog in Quebec City during Carnaval!

Saint Bernard at Winter Carnaval in Quebec City

Today many people like to bring their best friends with them when traveling to Quebec City.  Although at the Manoir d’Auteuil, we do not accept man’s best friend, there are many places that do, including the 5 star hotel: Le Chateau Frontenac.  Winter Carnaval is a great place for family and pet loving fun.  Be sure to equip your dog for the cold and salt:  a winter sweater or coat is a must, and by all means……little booties. A leash is definitely required, and please bring lot’s of baggies to pick up after your dog, as the fine is $150.00 should you neglect to do so.  Remember, it get’s cold here in the great north, so please be prepared for your animal’s needs.  Fido will love to accompany you on a walk through the carnaval sites and the Plaines of Abraham, but if you have a smaller dog, an hour can be the time limit when it is really cold.  Many hotels will not allow you to leave the dog alone in the rooms, so be ready to keep your pet in the car while you are out and about.  The underground parking is not heated, but does keep the bitter cold at bay.  Happy Carnaval!

Now he’s a beauty!

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