Snow Carving Magic at Quebec City’s Winter Carnaval

Now that's a saw!

Stroll through the entrance gates of the Quebec City Winter Carnaval, where you will witness winter sculptors at work.  In this annual snow sculpture competition, artists, local and international alike, brave the cold as they sculpt their masterpieces in snow.  Using some pretty scary looking tools, they draw out their plans on the block of snow, and then proceed to saw and hack away the big chunks.  It is hard to imagine the final masterpiece to come when watching the beginning stages of the artist’s work, but within a couple of days, a glorious sculpture stands before us.

A work in progress!

Quebec Citywinter Carnaval hosts amateurs and professionals alike in this winter competition.  I found myself surprised by the delicate lines and creative ideas realized in the snow by groups of all ages.  Come check the artists at work, day or into the late hours of night.  You won’t be disappointed.

A local CEGEP team finishes their bear.

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