The sun shines on Quebec City’s Winter Carnaval 2012

Dog Sled Racing at Quebec City Winter Carnaval 2012

Could we have asked for a more perfect day to kick off Quebec City’s winter carnaval?  I don’t think so.  Blessed with a blanket of snow the day before and then a weekend of mild and sunny weather, this year’s opening day was nothing short of perfect.  We started our day watching in admiration as the snow shoe racers pranced up Chemin St-Louis.   Shortly thereafter, the dogs came mushing up the same snow filled course as they too raced to the finish line.  They are truly a delight to see, as they pull their loads and masters with speed and grace.

Snow Shoe Race at Quebec City's Winter Carnaval

For some reason, this first weekend of Carnaval is the least frequented of the three weekends.  In my opinion, it is one of the best, with shorter lines for all of the activities, everyone can participate without missing a beat.  The grand opening ceremonies typically launch Winter Carnaval with a spectacular show of fireworks.  This year, they were postponed to Saturday night due to Friday night’s winter storm.  They were no less awe inspiring.  After a full day of carnaval fun, we decided to stay in and watch the winter sky light up from the front windows of the hotel.  We could see them vividly from our vantage point and truly enjoyed the show.  It was another delightful day in Quebec City, full of winter magic and carnival joy!

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