Quebec City Carnaval 2012

Sculpture de Neige

January 27 to February 12, the city invites you to enjoy the pleasures of winter, on the occasion of the 58th presentation of the Quebec Winter Carnival! You will see impressive snow sculptures, you will see the dog sled races, you go down the slides at full speed, on a mat or raft, and you can even encourage your favorites for races to be held in a canoe , as every year, the frozen water of the St. Lawrence River!

Shows, entertainment, competitions, games for kids and for adults, the tasting taffy on snow, not to mention the night parade with floats, and … Bonhomme, of course! The Carnival is all that and more!

We will have to dress as the Quebec winter is tough! But do not worry, you’ll easily find a way to warm up. Whether the big tent Metro or Bistro SAQ, the organizers of the Quebec Winter Carnival have thought of everything! It’s been 58 years since the Plains of Abraham welcome the “carnival” and their families, we can say that the Carnival is a must … so be it!

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