Winter has come!

Sliding across the street

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Today was our first snowfall here in Quebec City.  I love the first hints of winter with cottony snowflakes and mild temperatures. When walking out of the Manoir, the first thing I notice is the quiet of winter, on such a brisk sunlit Saturday morning.  The kids arecheering when they look out the frosted window, “Yeah it snowed mom!  Can we go play in the snow?”  Into storage I go, time to get the snow pants, boots and down mittens out from their quiet hiding place.  We get geared up and hit the park across the street, Parc de l’Esplanade.  The 3 to 4 inches make a perfect sledding powder on the hillside, no sled needed, just that soft padding on our hindside.  Emma, our little schnauzer races like the wind.  Prancing like a raindeer, she saunters throughout the playground.  We spent hours out in the park today, sliding, swinging, and playing, all the while protected by the great fortified wall of Quebec City. Quebec  City is known for all its wonderful history, the winter carnaval, and fabulous summers full of tourists, history and festivals.  But for those of us who live and work here, we cherish the quiet calm of winter and all the outdoor fun mother nature brings with her.   To finish off our perfect day in the snow, we stop by the Manoir d’Auteuil, and grab a few apples to feed the horses just across the street.  Just a hint to all those families coming in winter, there are so many fabulous and free things to do inQuebec,  Definitely put the Park d’Esplinade on your list, and if you forget your apples for the horses, swing by the Manoir just across the street, where a bowl of apples sits on the front desk!

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