Le Billig – Nice authentic Crêperie-Bistro!

Last night, my boyfriend and I went to eat at Le Billig on Saint-Jean street in Quebec. My last visit there had already left a very good memory, and to return only confirmed how this restaurant is a must for lovers of crêpes… and cider!
The Billig is a cozy crêperie-bistro where you can enjoy a delicious crêpe at any time of day, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Run by Bretons who are devoted to helping us discover their delicious traditional recipes, the Billig offers a varied and affordable menu!

In talking to the server, I learned that according to tradition, Breton savoury crêpes and sweet crêpes are not prepared with the same mixture. The batter for the savoury crêpes is traditionally made from buckwheat, while the sweet crêpes contain wheat flour. However, at the request of the customer, it is possible to replace wheat flour with buckwheat flour. Immediately I thought of my friends who are allergic to gluten. What a good place to advise them!
Also, I learned that a “billig” is actually a cast circular plate used to cook the crêpes. Interesting.

The service was impeccable. Our friendly waiter, Eric, kindly responded to all of our questions. Following his great advice, my boyfriend took the Béarn; a buckwheat crêpe stuffed with duck confit, goat cheese, spinach and onion confit.  For myself, the Savoyard; a rich and tasty crêpe topped with cream, potatoes, onions, bacon and Migneron cheese gratin – my favourite! Migneron cheese is a semi-soft cheese from the Charlevoix region. Absolutely delicious. The sweet and savory mixture of the Béarn was perfect, while the Savoyarde was exactly what I needed on this cold and rainy November evening. Placing my plate before me, the server exclaimed, “a comforting Savoyard for the misses!”. I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

Of course, the experience would not be complete without tasting a delicious cider imported directly from Britanny – another one of their specialties! Unfortunately, neither I or my boyfriend had room for dessert! I guess that means we’ll just have to go back! I still remember the delicious crêpe Tatin with caramelized fried potatoes, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream that I tasted on my last visit a year ago. An explosion of flavors!
In the future, I will always reccomend this restaurant to our clients at the Manoir! Treat yourself and go enjoy a delicious meal at Billig. You will be charmed by the atmosphere enveloping this charming and intimate crêperie-bistro, located only 2 blocks from Old Quebec!

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