The countdown has begun: it’s Halloween in less than 24 hours!

The countdown has begun: it’s Halloween in less than twenty four hours!

Trick or Treat in Old Quebec

Trick or Treat in Old Quebec

At the moment, all the little monsters in the area are feverishly preparing their costumes for the next day. I remember when I was little, like I could not sleep the night before Halloween. I was so excited that on the morning of the big day, I still got up before dawn in order to have enough time to dress myself for the school day.  In the evening, my sister, my brother and I ate our meal in fourth gear, then we would walk the streets until our bags were so full of candy that can no longer carry them!  Then we emptied our bags on the living room floor and it was trade time. “Two lollipops for a chocolate bar! Your gum for my caramels! ”

Tomorrow night, merchants of Old Quebec invite neighborhood children to come and do the trick or treating with them directly! On Saint-Jean, confectionery is so good, the restaurant Bel Gaufre, the boutique Les Delices de l’erable, Tabagie du Quarter Latin and the Hotel du Vieux-Québec will open their doors to skeletons, witches, ghosts and monsters of all kinds! Also, the Hotel Manoir d’Auteuil on the rue d’Auteuil, the boutique Claude Berry, the Baggages de France on Saint-Louis and the B & B chez Hubert on rue
St. Ursule will be part of the fun!

Feel free to visit us at the Manor to show us your beautiful costume! We are looking forward (and a big bowl of candy!);-)

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