Shopping for Pumpkins

Homemade Products at the Farmer's Market

Shopping for Pumpkins!  Okay, so I am a little late.  This fall we have been blessed with such fabulous warm weather in Quebec City, and I couldn’t bear to bring in the gorgeous geraniums.  They are still in full bloom!  But Halloween is creeping upon us, and now it is time to decorate the Manoir for fall.  The girls and I spent a delightful afternoon shopping for pumpkins and squash at the farmer’s market in Vieux-Port, which is a great activity when visiting Quebec City, no matter the time of year.   It is true that some of the farmers have closed their booths, but many are still open, tempting us with their fresh produce, flowers and homemade delights, such as apple pies, sugar pies and honey wines.  My personal favorites are the delectable varieties of homemade ketchup.

I think the farmer was nothing short of surprised when I told him I would take all of his little pumpkins.  I of course let the girls relish in picking several out.  In the car, on the way back to the hotel, they were naming each pumpkin…what great imaginations.  I guess a small pumpkin is as much fun as playing with a pet shop!  Tomorrow I will add the palette of fall to the window boxes, and next weekend the scary touches for Halloween.  The geraniums have been moved inside for the long winter and will sit in the windows facing west, just a simple reminder that before long, summer will again grace Quebec City with her warm embrace.

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