It’s October and we are already ice skating in Quebec City

Father daughter bonding on the ice

Father & daughter bonding on the ice! Photo by Linda LaFollette

Isn’t it great!  Yes the autumn wind is blowing, and the red and rust leaves are falling, and yes…..Quebecers are ice skating.  The season has started.  The ice rink in Place d’Youville just opened.  Every morning when our guests ask us what they should do here in Quebec City, I am always sending them to the must see tourist and historical sites in the heart of this historic city.  Yet from mid October to mid March, I must always add ice skating to their list.  Whether here with children or family, or on a romantic getaway, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon or evening in the city.  Lovely music enchants you as you glide, (or stumble) under the festive city lights.  Smiles, cheers and laughter abound in this lovely square as children and adults alike find their inner child.  Couples hold hands and occasionally stop to embrace……such simple pleasures.  So, pack your skates, or bring 5 loonies to rent a pair as you plan for your next trip to this 400 year old North American gem.

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