Festival de Nouvelle France

photo by Xavier Dachez

It’s that time of year again, the first week of August when the french community of celebrates their Quebec and Acadian heritage:  The festival of Nouvelle France.  Dressed in traditional costumery, the Quebecois illuminate the streets of the Old Town with traditional folk music, foods, auctions, parades and more.  This event is great fun for the entire family.  One of my personal favorites, as far as festivals go, La Fête de Nouvelle France celebrates its 15th year anniversary.  Originally, this festival was only supposed to last for 12 years, until the 400 years of celebration in 2008.  Because of its success, and let’s face it, where else in the world can one celebrate Nouvelle France other than in Quebec City, the festival now finds itself with the esteemed status as one of Quebec City’s annual events.  This year we are lucky that the festival is not only situated in the famous Place Royal, but also just down the street from the hotel at the Parc d’Artillerie. So sport your midieval wear, perhaps your family coat of arms as well, and hit the streets of Old Quebec ready to celebrate!

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