Restaurant Savini, nothing short of fabulous

Chicken Marsala

If you are looking for fine Italian fare, look no further.  The menu at Savini, the newest restaurant to open its doors on Québec City‘s famous Grande Allée, offers exciting decor, ambiance and food.  Definitely very trendy, let’s face it, anyone who wants to be seen in Quebec City will be there.  Their cutting edge decor and ambiance may entice you to give it a try, but the vino-tech concept and menu will have you come back for more.

We took our daughter here for her 13th birthday.  Her veal cannaloni was mouthwatering, my 9 year old loved her caesar salad, and of course my veal parmigiana hit the spot as well.  I especially appreciated the high quality ingredients, no greasy cheese and sauce.  The pasta was cooked to perfection, and the cream sauce on the fettuccini just right, not too rich and heavy.  Being able to try one of 50 different varieties of wine by the glass was a special treat.  The italian ice, homemade from marscapone cheese was an absolute delight.  The price point on the Table d’hôte dinner menu varies from $28.00 to $38.00, which I felt was quite reasonable given the menu.

Caesar Salad

Birthday Treat


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